Working at Arputer means doing what you love to do. Our engineers build and create innovative technology solutions for smart-devices integrated with cloud-services. We believe in keep-it-simple principle. We recruit innovators, exceptional programmers, out-of-box thinkers. 

Qualifications and experience does not matter if you are having following skills :
  • Analytical thinking
  • Clear understanding of classical data-structure, algorithms, object oriented concepts
  • Exceptional skills in programming with C, C++, Go, Java
  • Through understanding of classical operating system concepts
  • In depth knowledge of Linux system programming concepts
  • Good understanding and experience on ARM Mbed OS
  • Deep knowledge of Android internals and Android SDK, NDK
  • Knowledge in working with Go, Dart, web-frameworks (Angular)
  • Conversant with Open Source, Linux tools, technologies and development methodologies
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