As a technology partner, we help our customers to conceptualize, develop and commercialize products. Our consulting engagement ensures that the products & services we develop for our customers, are market-ready and aligned with the business objectives. Our flexible pricing model, superior technology use, agile project management, transparent project life-cycle enables our customers to achieve time-to-market advantage with reduced total-cost-of-ownership. Using our deep domain knowledge on Open Standards based platform & technologies, we provide our customers world class technology solutions.
1. Mobility application development 

2. OS kernel & driver development 

3. Android competency 

4. Embedded Linux competency 
5. Web-platform competency 

  • 1. Mobility application development

    • Extensive experience in design, development, porting and optimization of apps developed for mobile handsets and tablets running Google/AndroidSamsung/Tizen and Mozilla/FirefoxOS
    • Android application framework extension and customization
    • Legacy app porting and optimization
    • Cross platform app & library development
    • Embedded application development using QT framework
    • App testing for stability, compliance and commercialization

        2. Board bring-up, kernel & driver porting and development
    • Board bring up, boot loader porting and customization and BSP development for ARM, PPC cores
    • Extensive experience in porting embedded Linux and Android in Qualcomm/Snapdragon, Freescale/QorIQ, Freescale/i.MX and TI/OMAP platforms
    • Custom device-driver development and Linux kernel migration
    • Target specific embedded kernel and root file-system development and customization
    • Porting and customization of Android BSP
    • Device driver and HAL porting for Android devices
    • Deep domain knowledge in working with embedded distributions like OpenEmbedded and Yocto

        3. Android Competency

            3.1 Custom Android OS development
    • Android OS customization for purpose built hardware (gaming console, set-top-box).
    • Android stack customization.
    • Android splash, home-screen, launcher, default application bundle customization.
    • Carrier customization for Android handsets.
    • Custom operating system development based on Android kernel and stacks.
            3.2 Android kernel & device driver (BSP) development
    • Porting and optimization of Android kernel & device drivers for ARM (Qualcomm/Snapdragon, Freescale/i.MX, TI/OMAP, RockChip/RK) platforms.
    • Development and porting of architecture & platform specific drivers.
    • Development and porting of peripheral device drivers (LCD, Camera, Bluetooth).
            3.3 Android application development and legacy application porting
    • Enterprise mobility apps development.
    • Custom apps development for Android-TV, STB, Smart-Watches.
    • Cloud enabled healthcare apps development for wearable devices.
    • Game development for handsets, tablets, set-top-boxes.
    • Cloud enabled digital advertising & magazine container apps development.
    • Zigbee & Bluetooth enabled home-automation apps development.
    • Application localization (Indic/CJK languages).
            3.4 Android device commercialization
    • Android device compatibility testing using CTS framework
    • Android application qa and certification for release in Google Play
    • Android application instrumentation and stability testing

        4. Embedded Linux Competency

            4.1 Linux kernel, device-driver development
    • Linux kernel, device driver development, porting and customization
    • USB device controller drivers and class drivers (storage,cdc-acm) development
    • Custom peripheral driver development for - 
      • SPI based touchscreen controller for ARM tablet
      • I²C controller driver and peripheral drivers for proximity sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor etc
      • Camera sensor driver
      • Framebuffer driver customization for transferring compressed frame-buffer data in real-time over USB and Bluetooth
      • NAND driver
    • Boot time and size optimization for Linux kernel and root-file-system
            4.2 Custom Linux OS development
    • Developed CGL compatible custom embedded Linux OS for telecom switches
    • Developed custom OS for set-top-box
    • OS and software stack development for healthcare appliance
            4.3 Device management (OMA/DM) stack and FOTA implementation
    • Developed custom FOTA implementation for firmware upgrade for telecom-switch and STB
    • Developed device-management software stack for embedded OS

        5. Web Platform Competency

            5.1 Virtual private server implementation
    • Virtual private server implementation
    • Linux/KVM based VPS server design, installation and maintenance
    • Application services stack design, optimization and implementation
    • Server security framework design, implementation and maintenance
    • Designed and developed custom document-management and intranet servers for university, pharma and consulting companies
    • Email, integrated communication (xmpp, sip) server deployment
            5.2 Go, Dart, Mongo app development
    • Developed server side software stack for HealthCare domain
    • Developed server side software stack for vehicle/fleet management system for transport/logistics company
    • Designed and developed of platform services for digital advertising
    • Platform development, digitization and web-hosting of localized literature